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Modern loft interior, nobody inside

Local and Professional Loft Services in Essex

Unlock the potential of your loft space with Man About The Loft services in Essex! Enjoy added accessibility and style.


We also handle any mess and rubbish, leaving you with a newly transformed loft space ready for use.

Highest Standards

Years of Experience

Well Established

Call us: 07726 204294

About Us: Man About the Loft Ltd

Man About the Loft has over 15 years of experience in providing affordable loft access solutions. We are based in Rochford, servicing all of Essex. Let us help you maximise your loft space for storage.


We provide a full consultation to explain available options so you can choose the ideal solution for your loft. Contact us to schedule your loft upgrade.

Loft Electrics

Loft Boarding

Boost your home's storage capacity with our loft boarding services. We create durable platforms, turning your attic into a practical space for storage.

Loft Insulation

Worried about the rising costs of heating your home?


Let us help by ensuring that your loft is insulated to the very latest specification.

Loft Ladders

Transform your loft with our loft ladder services. Efficient installations and stylish designs ensure easy access to your loft.

"The survey, quotation, and arrangement to complete the work were all fine. Great work by a tradesman who clearly knows what he is doing."

via Checkatrade

Upgrade your loft with our renovation services.

Our experts use advanced methods to maximise your loft's space and safety. We do everything from insulation upgrades to installing hatches.

Call: 07726 204294

Loft Ladder

Loft Services with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Man About the Loft services are backed by over 15 years of expertise and a solid reputation for high standards. Take action now and enjoy peace of mind with our exclusive lifetime guarantee.

Questions we frequently get asked

Q. Do you make loft conversions?​

A. Unfortunately, we do not offer this service.

Q. Will the ladder reach my loft

A.  Yes, generally, but we would need to complete a site review.

Maximise Your Space

Call 07726 204294 to discuss our loft services. From insulation to boarding, we have got you covered. Call us now!

Call us: 07726 204294
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