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Maximise Your Living Space: Discover the Art of Loft Boarding in Essex

Wrap your home in warmth with Man About the Loft in Essex! Our loft insulation services ensure your home stays cosy in winter.


Highest Standards

Years of Experience

Well Established

Call us: 07726 204294

Clutter-Free Living

Get a tidy and stylish loft with our loft boarding services. Our team can organise it for you in no time.

Loft Boarding Process

From material selection to strategic placement, we navigate the intricacies of your loft, ensuring a personalised loft boarding solution.

Call: 07726 204294 
Loft Hatch

Loft Boarding Services with a Lifetime Guarantee!

With our loft boarding services, you get more than just extra storage – you get a lifetime guarantee. We ensure sturdy, reliable boarding that stands the test of time. You can store your belongings with confidence, knowing that our work is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Enjoy the extra space and peace of mind!

"I was very impressed with Simon; they worked tirelessly the whole day, and the work was of a good standard. Excellent communication was provided during the planning stage, with different options provided for the work. I am happy to recommend them to others."

Discover Clever Storage

Get more space with our loft boarding services. Call us to unlock your home's hidden potential!

Call us: 07726 204294
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